tired of this

I shall reach for something simple (& working) now.

Around fifteen years ago, one of the other times I thought I had things to say in public, I enjoyed working with Nanoblogger. edit: well, it’s unmaintained now. Anyway… I’ll put a URL here when there is one.

edit: your link is www.ozono.us

If you want me to become a paying customer, …never mind. I already think that I know what the One True Problem is with my species and so I’m supposed to already know and remember that they aren’t listening– nobody cares. Everything old is new again and all the hard lessons have been unlearned. Worse Is Better was a thing, but this is a very different thing, of which Infinite Scroll is an example:

Better Is Worse

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DIY DisplayPort to eDP passive adapter

I picked up a N173HGE-E11 (17.3″, 1080p, 30-pin eDP interface, from a laptop) for $34 on eBay because I needed a semi-lightweight screen to use with an eGPU on a portable laptop-compute-thing. My old laptop screens are all pretty low-res– several XGA and maybe one SVGA, I forget. I wanted to avoid using (wasting) a TMDS->LVDS board, as well. The card has a DP output, so knowing of eDP, but not knowing it well already, I checked the nutterweb to verify the signals are electrically identical. Neat. Well, DP has 4 lanes and this eDP has 2, but eh, I’ll figure it out. Continue reading