I would like to formally declare shenanigans.

I just (finally?) saw the results of this today, so I used that typical nerdy search engine to ask about ‘why are there single quotes around filenames in bash’ and I found this:
If I ls -l, everything is still on its own line, so there’s nothing potentially confusing about the spaces, but the quotes remain. I run mc and see no single quotes. I use tab-completion and there are no quotes. The quotes are not in the <expletive deleted> filename. face palm. Confusion avoided! It’s more better!


worrisome *ntoo pitfall

x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-gcc: error trying to exec 'as': execvp: No such file or directory

So of course nothing would emerge and it was starting to look like a real mess (if nothing compiles, how can I reinstall the broken thing? The hard way, naturally). Then I started following symlinks: /usr/bin/as existed; it bounced through a few x86_64_pc-linux-gnu sorts of directories, and one of them clearly belonged to binutils, which of course had been semi-recently updated. So,

bintuils-config -l

showed there was only one installed, and not the only version number I saw in one of those nested symlinks, and of course it was not selected.

bintuils-config 1
. /etc/profile

cleared everything up. Sigh. I used to think I was a bit good at this.

DIY DisplayPort to eDP passive adapter

I picked up a N173HGE-E11 (17.3″, 1080p, 30-pin eDP interface, from a laptop) for $34 on eBay because I needed a semi-lightweight screen to use with an eGPU on a portable laptop-compute-thing. My old laptop screens are all pretty low-res– several XGA and maybe one SVGA, I forget. I wanted to avoid using (wasting) a TMDS->LVDS board, as well. The card has a DP output, so knowing of eDP, but not knowing it well already, I checked the nutterweb to verify the signals are electrically identical. Neat. Well, DP has 4 lanes and this eDP has 2, but eh, I’ll figure it out. Continue reading


Rejecting the Internet of Things:

Some people, when confronted with a simple problem like unlocking a door, think “I know, I’ll make a single-purpose robot or the equivalent mechanism that will lock and unlock my door for me, and then give it internet access, and then control it from my phone.”

Now they have 25 problems.

Thou shalt not conflate the elation attributable to getting some over-engineered thing to work at all with the satisfaction of solving a real problem, really well.

accessing the infinite

Nothing in any universe can be more complex than the language needed to completely describe the thing; yet, when you were a kid, you learned your native language without even realizing you severely needed to do so. Never mind that the descriptions will become lengthy– the power of language is not wrapped up in its efficiency, though the relative power of a language may be.

soft toggle a touchpad in XFCE

I have an ASUS U46E and the touchpad hotkey does not yet function at all. I made a hotkey under Settings->Keyboard->Application Shortcuts, Ctrl+Alt+9 to launch this script because Fn and F9 are in the vicinity anyway.


tp=`xinput list|grep "$name"|awk -F= '{print $2}'|awk '{print $1}'`
state=`xinput list-props $tp|grep 'Device Enabled'|awk -F\: '{print $2}'|awk '{print $1}'`
(( $state )) && xinput disable $tp || xinput enable $tp